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    26 Jan

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    One of the more difficult tasks our clients encounter is how to accurately measure the impact of a change in their business.  Change is hard, measuring and quantifying the full impact of those changes can

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    19 Jan

    Expansive Growth

    Are you ready for significant expansion in your business? What would the impact be? Would you thrive or would it put you over the edge?

    I have a client who recently expanded to a 2nd location – in many ways doubling the size (or at least

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    12 Jan

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    setting goals napkin doodle

    With the dawn of every New Year comes renewed optimism and hope.   I have never seen a study to validate this, but the words “This

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    05 Jan

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    Picture by Keith Ellwood via Flickr

    Picture by Keith Ellwood via Flickr

    When’s the last time you felt stuck when it came to resolving a challenge? Every day we’re faced with decisions. Most of them

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    29 Dec

    Gratitude - Relax

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately on what it takes to be happy and successful (not necessarily the same things by the way…). It’s interesting that one of the ideas that keeps coming up is the importance of consistently and authentically practicing

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