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    30 Jun


    How do people think about you?

    You hear business pundits talk about the importance of marketing and branding all the time – and if you happen to be a huge multi-national conglomerate you likely have a large team of people and a huge budget to help you with

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    22 Jun

    Building a strong foundation

    How many Operating Systems does your business use?  In our tech driven world when you hear “Operating System” it immediately leads most to think iOS (Apple),  Windows, Linux, or Android.   But in this context of the question asked, it will only be as

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    15 Jun


    Picture by Steve Jurvetson via Flickr

    People are busy these days…and most business owners are crazy busy to the point where it’s not a surprise to miss out on family, friends or things they would just enjoy doing. There’s a

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    08 Jun

    Picture from Startup Stock Photos

    Picture from Startup Stock Photos

    What if you could increase the odds of living a few extra years and increase the odds of building a stronger bottom line in your business during the process?  Would you want to do it?   What if

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    01 Jun


    Leadership often seems to be an intangible thing…a soft skill that makes a huge difference but is difficult to teach. This mystery around leadership is likely made worse because of the sheer volume of information out there – a quick search on Amazon lists 100,000+ books

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