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    30 Mar

    bucket with holes

    Want to know one of the ‘secrets’ of business growth? It’s almost impossible to grow your business (over the long run) without having predictable revenue.

    Picture this – your business operates a lot like a bucket with holes in it. You have water (revenue) pouring in and

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    24 Mar


    Without sales a business doesn’t survive. And right or wrong, the Sales division always seems to be where businesses look first when the numbers are not in line with projections. The reality is the reason for poor sales could be any number of issues from poor marketing,

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    16 Mar

    Picture from Raneko via Flickr

    Picture from Raneko via Flickr

    Peter Thiel makes a lot of excellent points in his book Zero to One – the overall theme of the book is a study of what successful innovation looks like (based primarily on tech start-ups). One

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    09 Mar

    Picture by Nana B Agyel via Flickr

    Picture by Nana B Agyel via Flickr

    If you want to improve you must be willing to change.  It is a stark reality of life that every day you are either getting better or getting worse.   The same is true in

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    03 Mar

    Fitness Training...

    Business success is as simple as making more than you spend.

    Isn’t it?

    One Story…

    Stan is a business owner – he owns a fitness studio and has had some success over the last 7 years or so. He did a lot of research up front and found

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