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    20 Oct

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    Photo of Salvador Perez – Kansas City Royals by Charles Sollars via Flickr

    Teamwork is critical to long term success. Yes it gets over

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    13 Oct

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    This is for dedicated to all the fans of baseball past and present.   Next week we’ll get back to business.

    He was born and

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    06 Oct

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    Great Idea

    Have you ever tried to roll out a change at work and didn’t get much of a response?

    Quick example – a client decided it was critical that his team started actively

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    29 Sep

    Click below to hear an audio version of this week’s blog post:



    champagne bottle eruption

    On Friday evening, Sept. 26th the Kansas City Royals did something they had not done in 29 years, when they clinched a berth into the MLB post season and the celebration was

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    22 Sep

    photo by Kenny Louie via Flickr

    photo by Kenny Louie via Flickr

    Good bye Summer, the first official day of Fall has arrived, another year is flying by.  Soon the leaves will be falling.  Just as leaves need to be raked (or mulched) so you can see what

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