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    20 Feb


    Sales is the lifeblood of small business success.  You can have the best product, the best service in the world, but without closing a sale, it doesn’t mean anything.  Unfortunately it can be difficult to get that sale closed, people may like to buy, but they don’t like to be sold.

    With that in mind, there is one thing that you can do that will greatly increase your chances for selling success.  It’s counterintuitive and it can be really difficult to pull off, especially if you have a lot riding on closing the deal.  But it will work for any industry and any selling situation and it doesn’t really matter what your sales technique might be.

    What’s the one thing that can make such a big difference?

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    14 Feb

      photo by peggyhr

    Sometimes it can really help to look at things upside down…or backwards if you want to find some answers!  The change in perspective generates a lot of ideas and be a valuable tool.

    I’m talking about Reverse Brainstorming – a simple and powerful way to spark ideas that might get overlooked if you were coming up with a list of things you could do. 

    The process is simple – isolate a problem that you’d like to solve…in the article above they used the example of ‘How can we improve patient satisfaction’.  Then you simply reverse the idea and brainstorm possible answers on ‘How can we make patient satisfaction worse?.

    The reversal opens up all sorts of possibilities and often puts you closer to the situation.  Let’s try a different example hits most small business owners:  “How do I get more effective marketing”?

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    08 Feb

      photo by Vvillamon

    The world’s a pretty complicated place right now.  Politics are complicated, technology (although exciting) is complicated…business is complicated – but it doesn’t have to be.

    I’m working with a couple of different clients on strategic planning and if we’re not careful it’s really easy to get bogged down into a lot of complications, to lose the message, to spend a ton of time and walk out with a plan or an idea that no one is going to really ‘get’ or be able to execute on.

    Instead I propose that we consciously simplify.  Take a slow, deep breath…hold it for a few counts and then slowly let it out.  Do that again.  Focus on a simple streamlined approach in your business.

    What would a simple approach do for you?  Think it would make a difference?  Here are the keys to the simple approach:  Simple is clear, simple is not easy and simple gets done.

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    02 Feb

    photo by kozumel

    I’ve said it before, but we live in Interesting Times…sure there’s the downside of the economy and the constant drumbeat of all of the negative news out there, But there’s also an amazing upside – we are seeing things today that would have never been thought possible 50 years (maybe even 10 years ago).  In fact the overall progress that’s been made is nothing short of staggering.

    In fact it’s mindblowing!

    Want some proof?  Check out these 2 videos a couple of friends recently shared as great examples of amazing things that are going on.

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    29 Jan


    Would you like to make more money?  How about having clients who absolutely rave about you and are willing to pay you a premium for what you do for them?

    Then you should definitely consider Getting Naked for your business!

    Of course I’m not talking literally…I’m saying you should start adopting the ideas from Patrick Lencioni’s latest book ‘Getting Naked’.  The premise of the book is using a different kind of approach with clients – being vulnerable and opening yourself up without any pretense or cover.  I think of it as being really authentic…all the time, with everyone, warts and all!

    You may have heard of Lencioni previously – he’s the author of several extremely popular and insightful business books, including ‘The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team’ and ‘The 5 Temptations of a CEO’.  His books are written as business fables, which makes them fun to read, but the ideas are still very powerful.

    So what does Getting Naked really mean?  Let’s take a look:

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