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    24 Feb

    Businessman and questions

    The story of your life (so far) is what it is.  As a business owner or leader you have made choices that have created the path that leads to where you are at this point in time.  It’s your story and in that story,

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    16 Feb


    I talk to business owners pretty much every day and the one thing that I hear more than any other is how difficult it can be to find great sales reps. Sales is the heart (or at least the ignition) of the business and a good

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    09 Feb

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    Picture from Loren Kerns via Flickr

    This past month an area high school teacher was honored with an Educating Excellence Award.  (The award is sponsored by Perceptive Software and KU’s school of Engineering.)   She

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    03 Feb

    Exhausted businessman

    It’s likely that you’ve met them before. It’s almost certain that you’ve passed by them on the street or at a chamber meeting and didn’t realize it.

    I’m talking about the overwhelmed, stressed out, I-can’t-imagine-this-can-ever-get-better business owner. They have an air of quiet desperation and they

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    26 Jan

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    One of the more difficult tasks our clients encounter is how to accurately measure the impact of a change in their business.  Change is hard, measuring and quantifying the full impact of those changes can

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