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    27 Jul

    Is this Your Marketing-

    Generating new leads, driving new business opportunities is what marketing is all about, but it remains a mystery for most business owners. They spend a lot of money on campaigns or tactics and end up with nothing to show for it – often it’s a

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    20 Jul


    Ever wonder what your employees really think about their job?  About you?  The business?

    Maybe you should ask them.

    During a recent client meeting we were discussing the results of an Aspire Team Survey he had completed with his employees.   This is a customized list of questions that

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    13 Jul

    Picture from The US Army via Flickr

    Picture from The US Army via Flickr

    I’ve talked to a lot of business owners lately who are working crazy long hours – in some cases it’s because they’re in early growth mode and they don’t have much choice…but most

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    06 Jul


    This 4th of July, the United States celebrated its 239th birthday.  Hopefully you’re reading this with memories of holiday weekend filled with fun and some relaxation with family and friends and no trips to the emergency room.

    In honor of our founding fathers we thought we would share

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    30 Jun


    How do people think about you?

    You hear business pundits talk about the importance of marketing and branding all the time – and if you happen to be a huge multi-national conglomerate you likely have a large team of people and a huge budget to help you with

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